Regiment Overview

The Home Word:

The home world of the 9th 'Armor Fists' Heavy Mechanized Regiment is Aislin Alpha Tertius located in the primary star of the cluster. The Super Terrestrial world is almost twice the diameter of Holy Terra and could be considered an extreme gravity world with an exotic atmosphere of carbon-dioxide. The population of the world resides in massive orbital habitats that ring the Super Terrestrial World at the equatorial line. The Southern Hemisphere of the world anchors the Eden Orbital Agricultural Farms that produce specialized plan materials that require the high gravity of the world to yield their extraordinary effects. On the other hand on the Northern Hemisphere of the world at the planetary pole the Haclyon Penal Colony is at high anchor being host the Merchant Dynasties prison colony.

The History of the World:

Pre-Imperial History

The world of Aislin Alpha Tertius was discovered in the closing years of M30 as the Great Crusade was starting to spread far and wide across known space.

The Rogue Trader Merchant Dynasty that discovered the world and star system discovered the system was inhabited by an Eldar pirate clan. It is unknown what transpired during those early years but the end result was that the Aislin Merchant House became the first settlers of the Aislin Binary Cluster. The Aislin Household decided to settle in Orbital habitats on the world of Aislin Alpha Tertius because the depths of the world held riches in mineral resources as well as what appeared to be a long extinct Xeno architecture. The architecture was deemed to be that of a Necropolis and cities of the dead the size of Hive stacks.

The Great Crusade Period:

When House Aislin started to colonize and profit from the system some time after a hidden Eldar base was discovered and terminated in the Campaign that was recorded as "The Purge of Aislin 2644". Once the system was under Imperial control the  dynasty established a Feudal Oligarchy style of government and social structure on the system. The idea behind it was that the small Merchant Houses would became vassal-states to the dynasty and in return they could share a portion of the resources of the system. Each orbital functions like a city-state that is affiliated to a more powerful city-state all the way up to the Rogue Trader Household itself.

The People of Aislin Alpha Tertius:

The people of Aislin Alpha Tertius are as different between each other as the stars themselves. Do to the nature of the social structure the exact definition of what an Aislinian is has been lost to the records of time itself. The best term that could describe them if any would be Void Born. They all have grown up in orbital habitats and void ships. Unlike standard void born who are relatively slim and tall they have developed more around the lines of standard Imperial citizens average height and weight. The speculation is that the high gravity of the planet has affected their development and share characteristics of many Imperial citizens.

The Culture of Aislin Alpha Tertius: