Regiment Name: Aislin 9th 'Armored Fists' Heavy Mechanized Regiment
Homeworld: Aislin Alpha Tertius (Penitent World)

Military Specialization:

Heavy Shock Infantry, Mechanized Assault, Siege Tactics, and Super-Heavy Support

Military Doctrines:
Siege Infantry, Hardened Fighters, Well Provisioned

Favored Weapons:
Heavy Stubber and Meltagun

Order of Battle:
The regiment is estimated at 70,000 men plus auxiliaries. The regiment is divided into 10 Battle Groups that each is made up of 10 Companies and each Company is divided into 10 Platoons. The Platoons then are divided into 5 10-man squads and a 20 to 50-man Conscripted squad of PDF Trainees.

- Battle Group 0: Gold - Shock Infantry - Siege Infantry Regiment

- Battle Group 1: Silver - Mechanized Infantry - Reconnaissance Regiment
- Battle Group 2: Bronze - Mechanized Infantry - Drop Troop Regiment
- Battle Group 3: Black - Mechanized Infantry - Light Infantry Regiment
- Battle Group 4: Red - Mechanized Infantry - Line Infantry Regiment
- Battle Group 5: Orange - Mechanized Infantry - Mechanized Regiment
- Battle Group 6: Green - Armor Support - Hunter-Killer Regiment
- Battle Group 7: Yellow - Armor Support - Armor Regiment
- Battle Group 8: White - Super-Heavy Artillery Support - Siege Infantry Regiment
- Battle Group 9: Blue - Super-Heavy Armor Support - Siege Infantry Regiment

Commanding Officer:
Colonel Joseph Ezra Godwyn, Arch-Militant of Rogue Trader Dynasty Aislin a Trader Militant House that functions in the Corvidae Expanse. He is a Phlegmatic Commander and Chief that reviews all possible options before committing his forces to an action.

Additional Information:
The Asilin 9th are tasked with the escort and protection of House Aislin as they engage in the Corvidae Expanse and attempt to reclaim the expanse for the Imperium of Man and House Aislin.

Standard Designations:
Right Shoulder Pad:
Company - Numerical Symbol
Battle Group - Background Color

Left Shoulder Pad:
Platoon/Squad/Trooper - Numerical Symbol

Helmet & Armor:
White - Veteran
Red - Sargent
Blue - Heavy Weapon Specialist
Yellow - Special Weapon Specialist
Dark Green - Standard Trooper and Body Armor

Light Brown - Standard Issue Aislin 9th Regiment
White - Aislin 9th Regiment Priests
Black - Commissar
Orange - Penal Legion
Red - Tech Priests
Teal - Sanctioned Psykers

Standard Issue Regiment Kit - Battle Group 0,8, and 9:
Imperial Guard Uniform, Poor Weather Gear, M36 Lasgun, Combat Knife (Mono), Imperial Guard Flak Armor, Storm Trooper Carapace Armor, Rucksack, Basic Tools, Mess Kit and Water Canteen, Blanket and Sleep Bag, Rechargeable Lamp Pack, Grooming Kit, Identification Markings, Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, 4 Weeks of Combat Rations, 8 Main Weapon Charge Packs, 3 Frag Grenades, 3 Photon Flash Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades, 4 Empty Sandbags, Entrenchment Tool